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At Prosperum Wealth, we deliver personal service tailored to suit your individual needs. We understand that everyone’s circumstances are different and we ensure we tailor our advice and approach to suit your unique needs.

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Why Prosperum?

At Prosperum Wealth we believe clients should own assets directly to maintain control, transparency and superior outcomes.

  • Grow and maintain your wealth
  • Control your future
  • Protect your family

Financial Planning

Servicing a select group of individuals, families and organisations, our highly trained planners will advise and help implement strategies to:

  • Generate financial freedom
  • Bring peace of mind
  • Proactively manage potfolios.

Our team provide services for anyone wanting a stress free financial future.
You achieve this by knowing that financial planning is much more than us just managing your money – it’s planning for the unexpected and challenging times, by taking control of your financial future and by us empowering you to make informed decisions, so that you can enjoy your life without having to worry about your financial situation.

Wealth Protection

Nobody wants to think of the unexpected happening but at least if you have a plan in place you can mitigate any effects it has on your wealth and safeguard your family or business’s future.

We help you protect your wealth by providing a comprehensive suite of personal insurances and related protection services that will help shield you and your family from the tremendous financial burden of premature death, prolonged illness or disability.

Wealth Management

We provide this safeguard by applying a strategy to investment portfolios that ensures they are nimble and diversified so that they will weather any market fluctuations. However, while clients are often acutely aware of market risk they often overlook other major financial pitfalls.

Our strategic advice we provide you is tailored to meet your long term needs, whatever they may be. From proactive portfolio management, asset allocation and appropriate structure to tactical tax strategies and anything in between we will a tailor a solution for your needs.


Retirement Planning

After a lifetime of working you want to enjoy your retirement. We understand how important it is for you to feel properly prepared for retirement.
When developing your retirement plan we:

  • help you identify your retirement goals
  • outline your desired retirement lifestyle.

Approaching retirement can be overwhelming as the complex and confusing task of arranging financial affairs becomes a pressing concern. We reduce the stress of retirement income and asset planning by developing a combination of strategies tailored to suit your circumstances and objectives.



We can structure a Self Managed Super Fund that works well for you, which you have complete control over. We help you meet your responsibilities as a trustee and work with you on direct property, direct equities and cash solutions to ensure the SMSF works best for you.

While cost effective, there are so many elements of a SMSF, such as investment control, estate planning, tax control, borrowing, lower costs, pension planning and asset protection that must be properly managed to ensure it works the best it can for you.
We work with you to ensure the best possible outcome for your nest egg.

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